Blues For The Red Door 2021

Duke of Cornwall Pub, 400 University Avenue, Toronto

This year marks the 7th annual Blues For The Red Door incredible musical revue. At our last event in 2019, we were able to donate almost $10,000 to the Red Door Family Shelter. Each week, approximately 45 families rely on the Shelter's food bank to ensure that their families do not go without food. Since the pandemic started, the food banks in Ontario have seen an increased need of over 50%. ​Your participation in our event will ensure that families will not have to choose between paying rent and feeding their family. ​I, along with many others, believe that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege. No one should go hungry. ​Please assist our efforts to support the families of the Red Door that rely on the food bank to ensure that they stay healthy and nourished. ​Jake Hiebert (Big Rude Jake), Founder,

Blues For The Red Door

$30 per person