I've been listening to and have been inspired by Rick for the last 30 years. He is a legend to us and pleasure to be hearing again in recent years.”

— Tom Wilson | Blackie and the Rodeo Kings | Lee Harvey Osmond

If I had fingers like Rick Taylor, I'd cut my eyeballs off!”

— Stanley Dural Jr. | Buckwheat Zydeco | Lafayette, Louisiana

One of the first guitar soloists I tried to copy was Rick Taylor. His playing on the Willie P. Bennett album, "Hobo's Taunt" was and is an inspiration to me. And he still plays great- with the extra years of experience and gravitas only making him better. And that's just the playing part... He's still writing and singing and performing like a demon too!”

— Colin Linden | Nashville

A force to be reckoned with - his unique style of the blues, encompassing the soul of the genre, and a set of pipes that will have you sitting back with your jaw on the floor.”

— Carrie Humphries | Echo Magazine

Rick Taylor is consummate bluesman with a solid and exciting CD here. Roots music fans will thoroughly enjoy his guitar and vocal work on these 11 well-chosen tracks that showcase his excellent skill on the guitar and gutsy vocals..”

Steve Jones | Blues Blast Magazine